19 September 2008

My Existential Crisis

I feel ineffective.

Life should be easier.

I want to move to a remote island with my dog, my surfboard, and my guitar.

(Note: Author may not necessarily own a dog, surfboard, or guitar.)

13 September 2008

It's Funtastic!

Things that I would like to do over the next few months:

1. Go to Oktoberfest...for good beer and good German folk music

2. Take a fall canyon drive...because no place on earth is prettier than Salt Lake in the fall

3. Hike Mt. Olympus...because it didn't happen this summer

4. Meet Jack...and learn how to comfortably hold an infant

5. Go to a haunted house or corn maze...just for the hell of it

6. Carve a pumpkin...to fulfill the sick pleasure I get in squishing my fingers through pumpkin innards

7. Make apple pie...because I've never done it before

8. Have a fall bonfire...complete with blankets, scarves, s'mores, and hot chocolate.

Who's with me?!

01 September 2008

A Most Delightful Holiday

As far as Labor Day weekends go, I would say that this has been an exceptionally pleasant one. I have been left alone this weekend to house/dog sit at my parents' house , which usually means intense and profound loneliness on my part. Sometimes Coldplay is involved, just in case I'm not feeling moody enough. Not so, this time around.

I rather enjoyed my Saturday, which I spent baking, visiting, and engaging in a sort of card game relay with some of my favorite people. The highlights being our hostess's interesting chocolate dessert and some extremely oversized playing cards. (Hostess's fiance must be overcompensating for something....)

I woke up on Sunday wondering how I would be able to handle spending the day with minimal human interaction, only to find myself craving more of the solitude that surrounded me. This was no doubt fueled by the peculiar weather. It hasn't rained at my house in months, but yesterday we received some relief from our dry spell. At about 6:00-ish it began to pour. It was wonderful. Very cleansing and calming. I couldn't help but sit outside on the patio for awhile just to take it in. It was good for my soul.

Did I mention that I spent the rest of the night watching "The Sound of Music?" This is an important detail since few films make me happier than this one.

By the time today rolled around, I felt completely rejuvenated. After last week I needed a weekend like this. I almost feel ready to head back into the classroom tomorrow. Almost.