19 May 2008

Spa Adventures

Last weekend I experienced a couple of firsts: my first massage and my first facial. I have been wanting to visit a spa for years now, but never got around to it for various reasons. So, when I was thinking about how I wanted to treat myself for finishing my Master's program, I just couldn't ignore the spa idea any longer. I enlisted my two best friends from high school to accompany me on my inaugural journey to the spa, and after much stress (on my part) and some planning, we set out for our spa day.

The day started out exciting enough. I was a bundle of nervous energy because we were running a little late and I wasn't sure what to expect. Mostly, I was agonizing over the question of how much clothing I was willing to shed for the experience. My friends encouraged me to just get rid of it all because I would enjoy my experience more that way. I decided to be bold and go along with it. Walking out to the waiting area, I felt totally liberated.

And then my message therapist entered the room to guide me to the massage area. It was a man. Of course, Miss Modesty, the girl who gets overwhelmingly bashful when it comes to nudity, ends up with a male massage therapist. I'm pretty sure he was the only man working there that day and I got him. I felt so silly and embarrassed. Luckily, once the massage got under way, I was able to mostly let go of the fact that I was naked in a room with a man I had just met. I mean, it's not like he really saw anything...but it felt weird, anyway. I find in times like these, it's best to put things in perspective. A) This man does this for a living. He's a professional. He massages naked people all day long. B) He probably isn't attracted to women. I mean, he might be, but there is a good chance he isn't, so why do I care? C) It's a massage. Go with the flow or else I'm going to miss out on the point of the experience.

So, after the massage, which wasn't quite as earth shattering an experience as I was hoping it would be, I entered into phase 2 of my spa day: the facial. The facial was AMAZING. My friend had raved about facials during the process of planning, saying that they were consistently her favorite parts of going to spas, but I thought she was exaggerating. She wasn't. It was so relaxing. I was surprised to get a hand and foot massage during the facial, both of which were heavenly, AND she gave me really good advice on skin care. The only part that I wasn't sure about was what she was going to do AFTER she was done massaging my feet. I was a little nervous that she might touch my face after she had been massaging my toes. I was very really relieved when I noticed that she washed her hands in between the foot stuff and the face stuff.

In all, I was quite pleased with my experience. I left feeling very relaxed and full of bliss. I could definitely get used to the idea of frequenting such a spa. And I may return in the near future to receive another treatment.