04 April 2009

I think I'm failing...

A couple of weeks ago I found a notebook containing my list of New Year's resolutions for this year. I couldn't remember any of my resolutions, so I decided to glance over it to review how I was doing.

Resolution #2: Read 2 books a month.
How it's going? Not so well. I had been reading the same book since November. Last week I officially gave up and began a new one. I'm 3 chapters in. Wish me luck.

Resolution #3: Exercise at least 4 times per week.
How it's going? It's not. Post-work-laziness and tendinitis of the shoulder have left me unmotivated. But now that the weather is warming up (haha, not really), I've decided I'll start running after work.

Resolution #4: Write in my journal.
How it's going? I think I've maybe put in 2 entries since the New Year. Maybe it's time for me to decide that my journaling days have passed. Aren't those things for junior high-ers anyway?

Resolution #6: Cook one new thing every month.
How it's going? Really, really good. Thank goodness for monthly themed dinners with good friends. I've recently discovered that I can make a really tasty queso dip and killer veggie lasagna.

Resolution #7: Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
How it's going? Does coffee satisfy this requirement? I like water. I really do. I just forget about it.

I'm really not comfortable with failure, so I guess I'm off to get a glass of water before departing on my 5 mile bicycle ride to the park where I will sit on a bench reading my new library book.

(P.S. I know how to count, but I found a couple of resolutions too personal or redundant to write about, so I left them out.)