09 March 2008

But, Seriously

Yesterday I went on and on about the awesomeness of daylight savings, how it marks the beginning of spring and sunnier times, it's one of the greatest days of the year, etc. Well, today, upon returning home from a walk, I found evidence of spring in my backyard. That's right, flowers are growing in my yard! I decided to celebrate the onset of a new season by taking my homework outside to work in the sun. Hopefully there aren't too many more snowy days before this beautiful weather sticks around for good.

08 March 2008

Welcome Daylight Savings!

Tomorrow marks one of my top 5 favorite days of the year: the beginning of daylight savings time. I look upon the beginning of daylight savings as a sort of turning point in each calendar year. Before daylight savings time begins, there is darkness; after, there is light. Really, I have been looking forward to the time that I will finally be able to change my clock ahead for at least two weeks. As of late, it's been really hard to suppress thoughts of sunsets happening after about 6:00 PM. But after tomorrow, the sun will hang around until after 7:00...and it will only spend more time in the sky after that! I think what tomorrow really signifies is the day that I pull myself out of my winter slump and begin to feel rejuvenated for spring and summer.

I know that not everyone appreciates day light savings as much as me. I might even go so far as to call it controversial. Does it really serve a purpose? Are we actually saving energy as a result of it? I've even heard some people whine about losing one hour of sleep. Really? In three days will you still actually be missing that hour? I hope that people such as these never try to travel out of there home time zones. As far as saving energy goes, I think much more research needs to be done before we'll actually know for sure.

If it were up to me, I would stay on daylight savings all year. True, it's very difficult getting up when it is still dark outside, but darkness by 5:00 in the afternoon is absolutely depressing. Working people can't even enjoy the sunlight until after 5:00 anyway. Maybe one day my dream of year-round daylight savings will become reality. Until then, I'll enjoy what I have and feel grateful that I don't live in Arizona.