30 November 2008

The Source of My Anxiety

A few weeks ago I realized that there are three things that cause me to become highly irritable. As of late, these three things have seemed to constantly converge to make me continuously grumpy. In case you are wondering what my problem is, here is a list of the most likely causes of my ill temper:

1. High levels of stress
2. Threat of no or little sleep
3. Unfulfilled desire for food

If you want to help ease my emotional discomfort, then feel free to gift me with a massage, sleeping pills, and chocolate chip cookies.

22 November 2008

I Just Have To

All right. I'm starting to get ridiculously excited about the concert I'm going to see tonight. My two musical dreams that I have to realize in my lifetime are to see U2 in concert and Coldplay in concert. U2 continues to elude me. Apparently they are kind of a big deal. But tonight (mwahaha) I will be singing very loudly along to Chris Martin's hauntingly melodic voice as it fills the Delta Center (I don't believe in calling it the Energy Solutions arena) and it will be awesome. A musical journey for the record books, if you will. So, in honor of this historic event in my life, I have decided to write my top ten list of favorite Coldplay songs.

10. Viva La Vida

9. Lost

8. The Hardest Part

7. Trouble

6. Swallowed in the Sea

5. Amsterdam

4. Til Kingdom Come

3. Speed of Sound

2. The Scientist (for me, the song that started it all)

1. A Warning Sign

Wow. What a hard list to put together. I have a hard time finding a song that I don't love on some level. Anyway, there you have it. And if you don't understand my burning desire for Coldplay, that's okay. I'll tell you what I told my brother, you're just lacking the emotional depth required to appreciate them. Nothing wrong with that.

18 November 2008

Is it just me...

...or are people decorating for Christmas really, really early this year?

P.S. I get to see Coldplay in 4 days. Hell, yeah.