30 July 2010

The Grand Unveiling

A few weeks ago, my creative and talented friend Lindsay gave me an idea for a new blogging project.  She knew I was struggling to find a focus for my blog and suggested I start a whole new blog looking something like this.  Feel free to take a gander at it.  Ideally, this is something that I'll update nearly every day.  I've been trying to keep the posts short so that it isn't too much of a time commitment, should you decide to stop by for a look.

Again, here is the link to my new page!


MommaMcCarthy said...

well, took ya long enough to tell me about it! :)

i love it!

Mel said...

Sorry! I wanted to get things up and running before I made it known to the world! Glad you like it. I think I like it, too!