06 July 2010

"I Think I'm Already Getting Used to the Heat"

Well, after 11-ish hours in a hot car, most of it down a one-lane (or is it 2?  You know, when there is only one lane for each direction and your only hope for passing slow moving vehicles is the extremely fortunate combination of a dotted-line on your side of the road and no cars coming the opposite direction?) road, David and I arrived at our parents new home in Chandler.

Actually the drive through Utah was pretty beautiful.  I think this is somewhere around Panguitch or maybe Kanab. 

Arizona was less to look at. Although by the time we crossed into Arizona I was pretty grumpy from the heat, so I might have been a little overly critical of the scenery.

When we got to my parents' house I was very happy to see the pool.  Too bad there isn't any water in it yet.

I decided to let myself be optimistic and believe that I'll be swimming in it by next week.


D.M. Keating said...

I'm sorry the car was so hot! that's how we roll in AZ.
we'll be chillin' at the pool in like a week and a half homie!

also -- the title of this is awesome

Mel said...

That's okay, David. The make-shift sun-blocker that I created worked wonders in cooling me off. Too bad I didn't conceive the idea for it until we were already almost to Phoenix.

You should see the pool now. It's definitely coming along. Woohoo!